Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lenovo A369i Tipps & Tricks plus some hidden options

Hello there I have some tipps for you and some hidden options to show

1. to take a screen shot press and hold Power on/off and Volume down

2.the phone has tow shot down mods (normal shot down and Quick Boot shot down) press and hold power    on/off and check it
by default the Quick Boot is on. (Quick Boot is just like Energy Save mode on windows) the good thing is that it makes the boot time shorter on Power up and Power down but you cant get into recovery so to Shut down the Phone completely uncheck the box and Power off

3. to get in Recovery mode after Full Shot Down Press and Hold down all three buttons together Power on/of & Volume up plus Volume Down
4. on home screen pull down the black bar from up down to get into notifications centre

Press the icon on up right corner to get into quick settings shortcuts mode

and from here you can go to Full settings menu by taping the up right corner settings icon or you can turn some options on and off (Wlan, Bluetooth, Data Connection and Auto Rotation) or go to the settings of the option by holding the icon down (when you hold the Wlan Down it will take you to Wlan Settings )

5. Battery & Storage
    on Battery option you can turn on the Precentage indicator in the info bar beside the Battery icon, and get     more info about your energy usage

Storage will let you get infos about your storage and select which memory is your default memory to install apps and save everything, the best thing is to use a Big & Quick micro sd as default storage so you can be able install more apps and big games

6.the Lenovo a369i has a very clever option to auto Power on & off called
you can adjust when the Phone power itself off nights and on at day to save energy automatic and if you where on call or you were using the phone a Notification will appear to inform you that the device will shot down in 10 seconds with cancel option. so you can set the device to turn itself off every Night at 00:00 and start on 5 minutes before your alarm every morning or only on some days.

7. Developer Option is a hidden option which can be activated from (about Phone) option

Tap on the build number many times till a counter show up which inform you how many times more you need to tap to get the option activated, after the activation this message will show up when you tapthe build number many times again

8.System updates is an option that will appear only when you update the device manually to the latest              update

Click here to go to How to Update to the Latest Firmware

9. Usb options menu is hidden and will appear in the notification bar when you plug in the usb with your computer

by default the usb  Storage is Selected drop down the upper bar to view more options

tap on the other USB options to see

the charge only is a very clever option wich will use your computer as a charger

10. Lets talk about the Lenovo Launcher, when you start your smart phone you can swype to left or to right        to change the icons sides

By pressing at the Menu button you will get many other options to modify the appearance and effects of the home screen

in the apps menu there is a Hide apps option which will help you to avoid unnecessary apps by hiding them and better organize your menu

by holding an app icon, the icons will start to swing and some of them will get a red X on the upper right corner which helps you by tapping on it to uninstall the app

to add apps shortcuts you go to home screen, press menu and choose add

by holding down the added icon you get more options where you can change the name of an icon or replace the icon of an app

by holding down an widget you will get zoom option where you can change the size of the widget 

Thats all for now next post will be about Rooting the Phone and installing custom Recovery and custom roms like Miui and Xperia.


  1. Hi,
    Just bought a A369i. Glad to have found this website which is very helpfull. Unfortunately, I just realized that the A369i will not work with my External GPS device. Using the same gps device I can pair via bluetooth with my Acer Iconia A1-811 perfectly to get a true GPS Navigator. I read the datasheet of both A1-811 and A369i, they both have A-GPS only dan they have the same operating system, Jelly Bean 4.2.2. I installed the same GPS Software for both A1-811 and A369i, but the A369i will not read any data from the external gps. Yes, there is no problem bluetooth pairing A1-369i and the external GPS device, but the A369i just will not read any data from it.

  2. Hi there,, I have A369i phone. its showing not enough memory for app updates, but physical memory showing 1 GB free of 1.25 GB(phone memory). How can i resolve this issue?